Smart City Air Quality Monitoring in Poland

Recently Poland has come under pressure from the EU to cut coal air pollution emissions due to high levels of air pollution. In 2015 more people died from coal pollution in Poland than from car accidents. Poland is home to 6 of the 10 most polluted cities in Europe. It is not such a healthy place when winter is in full swing and coal heating is at maximum. What can be done about this problem?


Being an eco-friendly company, RAPIFIRE has decided to help by providing developers with information about poor air quality in its cloud platform as PUBLIC THINGS. The raw air quality data is extracted by city on an hourly basis from the Polish Inspection of Environmental Protection's website. The data includes pollution levels of C6H6, CO, NO2, O3, PM10, PM2.5, & SO2. All are detrimental at high levels. To see the data just login and click on the PUBLIC THINGS tab. The cities are listed as shown below.


Clicking on one of the city public things will bring up the air quality data in the RAW DATA table as below.


Developers can log into the application and clone those public things to get a private local copy of it. Just click on the Clone button in the Action column of the city pubic thing. Then they can develop their own applications using cloud code such as an alert email notification when a chemical pollutant threshold is exceeded. What other kind of applications are possible? Here is a list of ideas to get the developer community running:

  • mobile app which tells workers when to stay indoors and work from home.

  • mobile app which tells tourists which cities to avoid during the winter.

  • mobile app which sends notifications to cyclists to avoid riding in the city when the air pollution gets bad.

  • a website subscription service which calls subscribers with a voice alert when air pollution exceeds a threshold.

  • a wearable wristband which changes colour when the pollution becomes dangerous.

  • automatic activation of a home air purifier when the city's pollution is too high. Polluted outside air leaks into the home through the windows, fireplaces, doors.

  • a billboard sign that displays a warning message about bad pollution levels in a city.

There are many other ideas. Only the developer's imagination is the limit. Saving the world could not be easier now with RAPIFIRE!

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