RAPIFIRE Open Beta Begins

Welcome to the RAPIFIRE

Today we are excited to announce the open beta stage of the RAPIFIRE platform. We invite all early adopters to register and join our slack community.

At RAPIFIRE we understand that innovative solutions are created when experts from varied disciplines work together to achieve a goal.

We also understand that to optimise the end-user experience, makers need a platform which allows them to focus on what they do best. A platform which offers them a set of core, flexible services to satisfy all their thing needs.

Welcome to the birth of RAPIFIRE.


RAPIFIRE is a secure and scalable cloud service which aims to become the Swiss Army Knife for your next Internet of Things project.

RAPIFIRE's application programming interfaces (APIs), multiple communication protocols and our dedicated team will enable you to build, develop and scale your applications ten times faster.

Jim Hunter defined hierarchy of IoT Thing Needs on this beautifully simple diagram:

Image by Jim Hunter, CRUNCH NETWORK CONTRIBUTOR, @theiotguru from Greenwave Systems.

RAPIFIRE supports your IoT project on each of the defined levels:

  • with simple HTTP POST your thing can publish data on demand and does not have to stay connected all the time - this saves your thing's battery and CPU consumption as well as bandwidth usage,
  • with HTTPS, MQTTS and WSS (Websockets Secured) - your data transport stays encrypted and thanks to a simple yet powerful security policy only authorized parties can communicate with your thing,
  • by using one of the currently supported protocols: HTTP, MQTT or Websockets your thing stays connected with other things, users and systems,
  • with RAPIFIRE Cloud Storage - your thing data is safe, accessible and ready to be processed,
  • with RAPIFIRE Cloud Code and RAPIFIRE Cloud Storage your thing becomes smart and is capable of actuating the environment.

What's Next?

We are thrilled to find out what you will build with RAPIFIRE. We suggest that you get started by following the adventure of Bob the User in our Makers' Guide introduction section or check the Quickstart Guide.


Today we are bringing you the clean technology stack for your next-level Internet of Things project. We are excited about the technology that we have been using over last few months and we are happy that we can expose our service to the public.
Please watch this space as there is much more to be shown in coming weeks.

Register now and talk to real people with our slack community.

Thank you for reading,

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Maciej is the Chief Technology Officer at Sentaca Solutions. For the last few years, together with his team, he has been delivering solutions to telco operators in North America, UK and Ireland.